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Creative Look On The World

The world is full of exiting things! Go out and experience them! When I look out my window early in the morning, I sometimes wish I could grab my journal. Why? There is SO much to look at!

The world has many things to look at, to write about, to draw. Let yourself be drenched in them. Spend some time with a creative look at the world. Try to think of things the way an artist would, for example think of your alarm clock as something else. Maybe imagine yourself in a different position, not waking up for school or work.

Now, I have a challenge for you. Can you try to spend a week with a journal in your bag and a pencil tucked behind your ear? Can you start looking at nature and urban nature? Could you translate what you observed into words, pictures, or other art forms?

You see, a creative look on the world will help you in other fields. How, you might ask? Well, a scientist must always look at things in different ways. A creative way will improve thinking. This way of thought will also help in reading and writing, or the arts.

One of my biggest messages here is to keep an open mind. Allow yourself to think in different ways. Think up possible scenarios for each choice you might make. Think.

Another message that I cannot stress enough is to imagine. Yes, imagine. I know, from experience, that all people have played imaginary games when they were younger. How come we don’t anymore? Are we scared? Well, yes, but we have also closed that little part of our minds and opened a more technical, grown-up part. Our imaginations are wonderful, unique things. Practicing imagining will make your brain work, and it will make you smarter.



A mighty ship I now command

With cargo rare from every land

No goods I have to trade or sell

Every wind will serve me well

To neither port nor harbor bound

My greatest wish to run aground

Story Time!


A gust of wind tugged at the woman’s blonde hair. She smiled and pinned it back into place, humming as she did so.

Turning away from her computer, the woman answered her waiting call.

“Hello, this is Diana. How may I help you?”

“Hey, Di, it’s Lauren, your editor.”

Diana smiled. Who else would it be? “I guess you’re wondering about my latest manuscript?”

A chuckle on the other line. “What else?”

Diana swiveled around to face the computer once more. She frowned. “Here’s the thing, Lauren… I don’t have a manuscript.”

A pause. “You don’t have a manuscript.” Lauren sighed. “You haven’t even gotten the title figured out?”

“Yes, I do. The Life and Times of a Supernatural Novelist.”

“Isn’t that a bit of a mouthful? And won’t people think that the main character, you, is supernatural?”

Diana began to shake her head, then caught herself. “Maybe. I could call it The Life and Times of a Novelist. Everyone knows my style,” she said thoughtfully.

“Good girl. I need to go. I’ll catch you at the office later, okay?” Lauren chuckled and hung up.

Diana hung up and groaned. She had the title, she had the idea, now all she needed was the story. Should be easy, right? It is about her.

Diana began to type. It’ll start with a foreword written by one of my friends. Then it will start on a typical morning for me, she thought to herself.

Reading through it again, she giggled. “Oops! This isn’t typical for me! It’s typical for Sophie.” Diana shook her head. Sophie was one of her characters.

Diana began again. This time she made it a bit more comical than to the letter. Her characters, her muses, swirled around in her head, chattering away. “Mention me,” they all said.

So she wrote. She didn’t stop until it was 2:00 and she had to go into the office. Diana grinned as she saved it to her flash-drive and stood, sliding it into her pocket. She was still smiling when she pulled into the parking lot.

Her big “Oops!” had turned into a big “Whoo-hoo!”



I couldn’t fit everything in. Sorry! But it give you something to look forward to, right? Until next time!