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Things Every Artist Needs To Have

  • Camera – record pictures of things around. Try to capture nature’s mysteries, or those jaw dropping moments.
  • Journal – with lines or not, it’s your preference. Perfect for jotting down your thoughts or sketching your pet.
  • iPod/MP3 player/CD player – music can be a HUGE inspirational tool.
  • Colored pencils – you have to get some colors into your drawings, right?
  • Pen and Pencil (with pencil sharpener) – how else would you write or sketch?
  • Bag – you need to be able to carry your stuff around somehow! I recommendĀ one with pockets and a snap or zipper close.
Be you ever so quick
With vision keen
By your eyes
We are never seen
Unless perchance it should come to pass
You see our reflection in a looking glass
Answer from last post: Noah, from Noah’s Ark
Riddle above, called Vision Sees, found here.
The Art Of Food: Art or Not?
Does that make sense? I suppose it should. Anyway, do you consider baking or cooking an art form? I would really like your insight on this. See, to me, it seems like it would. I mean, look at this!

Delorean cake

Delorean from "Back To The Future" cake. Don't know who it's by, though...

Cake sculpting and such HAS to be an art. But the debate floors are open. Begin.