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What Are the Elements of a Truly Spooky Story?

Good question… I’ve come to a conclusion that a good story to give the chills has to have at least some of these elements:

  • A creepy setting – A haunted house, for instance. Something dark and mysterious. Try places like the abandoned manor, a dark night (midnight preferably), or a spooky forest.
  • A villan or otherworldly being – If a story has a demon, a vampire, or a ghost in it, I’m pretty sure it counts as creepy.
  • A strong hero/heroine – This category can be filled by a child, a young woman/girl, or just a person.
  • A reason for said being to be there – Sometimes a ghost needs to pass a message on to the living. Maybe a vampire must destroy someone evil. I don’t know. Be creative.
Those are just a few of my ideas… There are many more elements. Be sure to include a strong storyline!
Violet, indigo, blue and green
Yellow, orange and red
These are the colors you see after the storm has fled.
What am I?
Answer from last post: your own two eyes.
Riddle from above is called Beauty After the storm, found here.
New Page?
Hello, hawkies! Right now I’m toying with an idea of mine, and I want to know what you think. See, I’m taking Japanese in school, and I was wondering is you would care for a page with a few words and/or phrases in Japanese. It could be a learning page for you. Learn one new thing every day!