Hey hawkies! As you can see by the title, this will be a continued story. Once I get the title and the idea, the page name will change. I will ask my dear staff members to help write. Now here’s where I have  problem: I need an idea and a title!

So please, dear hawkies, let me know your idea via comment for the title and the plot line. There will be a winner and three runners-up. Virtual prizes (such as cookies, trophies and other things *winks*) will be awarded accordingly.



Due to my sudden rush of Potter mania, I have decided to, er, tweak some of Harry’s stories. Enter Zee, a bright girl who (unfortunately) gets thrown into Slytherin. Harry is drawn to her, but he tells himself to forget her. Then she hisses angrily at Snape – and Harry is the only one who understands her. He confronts her about being a Parselmouth and – wait, that’s just enough for you to know for now. Zee’s info will come up at a later time, and more.



I’m really sorry guys, but I lost the feeling for the story. 😦 WIll you forgive me? In the meantime, I would love it if you could give me ideas. Thanks.